Best Surfing Spots in the Mentawai Islands

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Best Surfing Spots in the Mentawai Islands, A search of the many mainstay marine tourism spots in Mentawai Regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia. That’s on account of the geographical location of the Mentawai Islands which might be instantly reverse the Indian Ocean so that the traits of extreme and large waves are in good demand by world surfers.

The tourism potential of the Mentawai Islands may also be comparatively full which includes mountainous nature, an entire lot of endemic vegetation and animals, waterfalls, lakes, rivers.

The archipelago which consists of 4 small islands particularly Siberut Island, Sipora Island, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai has a lot of the Best Wanting Spots ideally fitted to World Surfers which is touted due to the third paradise of wanting world after Hawaii and Tahiti because of the frequent waves inside the Islands. Mentawai can attain a peak of seven meters, so the Australian-based Wanting Journal named the Mentawai Islands inside the Prime 10 Best Wanting Places inside the World.

Hollow Trees Surfing

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Lance's Left Surfing

Of the 71 shopping elements inside the Mentawai Islands, 49 of them fall into the worldwide authorities class and 7 of them are the right of the ten spots on this planet. These spots are positioned on Nyang-Nyang Island. Bajad, Karoniki, Pananggelat and Mainuk Reefs on Siberut Island, Kateil Basua on Sipora Island and North Pagai on Sikakap Island are among the many many Prime 10 Best inside the World. So it’s no exaggeration if the Mentawan Islands are made into a superb assortment of events yearly or the World Searching Championship which is commonly held every August.


As is the case with Sipora Island, this island is synonymous with Wanting Island on account of its has plenty of world-class shopping spots. On this island, it’s possible you’ll get 7 waves or 7 Best Spot Wanting Components known as Hole Bushes, Lance’s Left, Telescopes, Mancaronies, Iceland, and Scarecrows whose waves are on a regular basis fixed.

Hole Bushes which might be typically known as HT or Lance’s Appropriate have cylindrical waves typically referred to as Appropriate Tubes which for the earlier 10 years have usually appeared in magazines or films wanting the world.


At first, the waves are not going to be too massive, nonetheless, there’ll most likely be 3 take-offs that may drawback surfers to maneuver wanting when the second bigger wave comes. On the prime of the wave will break (peak) and can most likely be associated with the barrel repeatedly which may make the surfers will most likely be amazed. Any such wave is not actually helpful for amateur surfers, on account these waves are notably for expert surfers with the above-average shopping experience.



Aside from it’s possible you’ll get pleasure from shopping (wanting) inside the Mentawai Islands, it is also potential to learn from the pure wonderful thing about the Mentawai Islands which can be very beautiful and very good. On this island, there are moreover many alternative supporting facilities for these of you who want to conquer the horrible waves of the Mentawai Islands akin to resorts, consuming locations, bars, culinary, and hospitality of the Mentawai of us.

Wait a minute, Throughout the Mentawai Islands, it is also potential to get pleasure from totally different excursions akin to swimming, diving, snorkeling, or sunbathing on the clear white sand which can be very tender whereas stress-free having enjoyable with the wonderful thing about the sunset at dusk after a tiring day of wanting sports activities actions.

Now for these of you who intend to essentially really feel the awesomeness of the ocean waves or on a visit to the Mentawai Islands, it is best to make the most of a motorboat from Padang Metropolis which frequently operates 2 situations each week, or an additional ship which frequently operates on the first and second week of each month. Or the Ambu-Ambu Ferry which can accommodate 500 of us working every weekend, it is also potential to rent a small airplane like Tiger Air or SMAC from Minangkabau Worldwide Airport to Tuapejat, Sipora Island.

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